It's Been Fun!

The Highlights.

Boxadoo has closed for new signups.

We close down account access on Dec 31st, 2015.

Copies of the site, and all data, will be kept for six months afterward..

Contact for any questions.

The Dets.

We've had a lot of fun starting, operating and watching Boxadoo over the past couple years. Unfortunately, we've not been able to find a path forward that is able to include or account for the hundreds of ways we homeschoolers homeschool.

With so many different methods and curriculums, finding a single software path that made your experience of keeping student lessons and portfolios media-rich and yet an ease to use, was just not possible for us.

What If You're A Current User

If you've ever loaded documents, pictures or lesson plans to Boxadoo, now is the time to retrieve them if you need to. We'll keep the site up until Dec 31, 2015 at which point it will be archived for a period of six months and then finally the data destroyed.

For Portfolio Items: You can download a copy of the image or PDF you've uploaded.

For Lesson Plans: You can use the "print" icon to save a PDF of that day's lesson.

Things We'd Recommend

In general, we favor web based cloud services where your data can be backed up. Excel spreadsheets and personal documents (if not backed up to any cloud/portable data storage) are risky - what happens if your computer crashes?

Evernote Serves as a great, media rich not taking service that allows you to organize your lesson plans in a shorthand way.

Wunderlist Is a great way to create task lists, which can be shared and made repeatable. So you can have daily tasks which your kids must complete. This is great for basic lesson planning - especially when "lessons" are things like "Read your book for 40 minutes" or "Do chapters 2-3".